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VR Golf Club Handle Accessory

for Beat Saber, and tennis games(1 pair)



  • 【mmersive】 Insert your VR controller to simulate a real golf club, handle like real golf clubs use.
  • 【Multipurpose】Can also be applied to Slashing,sword fighting,Golf,Beat Saber,Tennis,Badminton,Baseball,etc Game.
  • 【Balance weight】For the sake of real weight, uses aluminum alloy to get a more realistic experience.
  • 【Soft & Comfortable Grip】The contact part between the extension handle and the palm is made of high-quality sponge, which is very soft and comfortable, can absorb sweat, prevent slippery, and stabilizes the grip of the handle.
  • 【Firmly Installed】Different from other products, vrbrother adopts an integrated design to reduce the connection points and make the extension rod more firm and reliable.


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