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Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2

Tied with a Three-Position Adjustable and Fixed



  • Unique Design:Specially designed for Oculus Quest 2 .
  •  No block the signal:which is beautiful and concise, and will not block the signal.Make you fully enjoy the fun of vr.
  • Anti Slip Design:Effectively prevents slippage caused by excessive sweat, giving your controller one more Layer protection.
  • Adjustable Hand Strap:You can adjust the strap according to the size of your palm,which can add better immersions while in VR experience, also provides a better protection for your controllers.
  • Easy to Install and Remove:You can adjust the strap according to the size of your palm.

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5 reviews for Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2

  1. Tammy D.

    East adjustable size. Comfortable. Work as advertised.

  2. DreadPirateRoberts

    I was afraid I was going to yeet my controller through the window while yeeting grenades half way across the map, but this put my mind at ease. Gone are the days of thinking I’m about to break my controller while ganking on “13” year olds. Takes some getting used to if you’re familiar with grabbing a drink while the controller hangs from your wrist but you’ll figure it out. Comes with a little instruction book, easy to put on and take off. Worth.

  3. Robert Braxton

    This product surprise me I didn’t think it’d be as good quality for what they’re asking in the price. Very comfortable the straps are stretchy but tight. Definitely helps when playing longer gaming sessions and you don’t have to constantly grip your controllers. I would recommend if you have an Oculus quest 2 or 1 to definitely give these grips a try. I’ve had other ones that I paid more for that didn’t last as long and weren’t as built as well as these. One of my top five must-haves for Oculus quest 2. Also very easy to equip to your controllers.

  4. DavidG

    They are a big improvement over the slick plastic on the controllers. For those who have action games or get sweaty hands they are must. Fits tight as they should so they don’t move or slide out, plus have a velco retaining strap so they can’t ever fall off. Additionally they have an adjustable hand strap that keeps the controllers on your hands. This is awesome if you need to adjust the goggles because they stay on your hands instead of shoving the controller in a pocket or setting down. The instructions images aren’t too good and took a bit to figure it out. Just find one online and look at it and it becomes obvious.

  5. Mandy

    Definitely worth the price. Made a huge difference in comfort and play. Just easier to hold and helps with sweaty palms. My son loves them. They look good too.

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